Motorcycle Tire Defect Lawyers

Goodyear Tire Defects Cause Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Millions of Americans enjoy riding motorcycles. Whether it’s a joy ride or a road trip, motorcycles provide a freedom passenger cars just can’t offer. Sadly, five people have been killed in motorcycle accidents caused by the same type of Goodyear tire. Despite cries from tire experts to have the tires recalled, there has, to date,…

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Nueces County truck accident lawyers

Nueces County Had Over 300 Commercial Vehicle Accidents In One Year

Everyday millions of drivers share the roads with 18-wheelers and large buses. While these vehicles are absolutely crucial in the transportation of goods and people, they also carry substantial risks. Trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, and this makes them a formidable force on the roadways. Commercial buses can be packed with over 100…

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Corpus Christi Oil and Gas Accident Attorneys

OSHA Renews Alliance Program To Protect Oil and Gas Workers

The oil and gas industry, while extremely lucrative, is one of the most dangerous and hazardous industries to work in. By the very nature of the work, employees are exposed to dangerous chemicals and work around equipment under immense pressure. The Corpus Christi oil and gas accident attorneys at the Sahadi Legal Group see oil…

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